Dinner Menu

  • $14
    Coquille De Fruit De Mer

    Scallops, shrimp and crab in a white wine tomato cream sauce, au gratin.

  • $14
    Curried Shrimp

    Shrimp in a spicy curry sauce with crostini.

  • $12
    Classic Bruschetta

    Fresh diced tomatoes with basil and a hint of garlic served on toasted crosini.

  • $12

    Spinach with assorted cheeses baked in phylo pastry.

  • $N/A
    Smoked Salmon

    Fresh Atlantic smoked salmon garnished with caper berries, hard boiled egg and toasted crostini.

  • $14
    Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail

    Five large black tiger shrimp served with traditional cocktail sauce and lemon.

  • $12
    Snail's Pace

    Escargot sautéed slow and easy with garlic and button mushrooms. Served with parmesan crostini.

  • $14
    Mussel Mariniere

    Newfoundland blue mussels steamed with white wine, garlic butter and fresh lemon.

  • $14
    Shrimp Garlicky

    Black tiger shrimp simmered with creamy roast garlic and butter sauce.

  • $14
    Seafood Soup 'mediterranean'

    Our famous soup creation containing shrimp, scallops, with tomatoes, onions, potatoes and basil.

  • $8
    Soup De Jour

    Prepared daily by our kitchen, ask server for selection.

  • $11
    French Onion Soup 'au Gratin'

    Spanish onions and garlic in a rich beef and chicken broth with melted mozzarella.

  • $14 lg / $7 sm
    Good And Greek

    Tomatoes, cucumbers, Spanish onion, sweet bell peppers, kalamata olives, hard boiled egg and feta cheese. Served on a bed of fresh spring mix and a tangy house made vinaigrette.

  • $14 lg / $7sm
    Serious Caesar

    Shredded romaine tossed with creamy Renes, topped with chili garlic croutons, bacon bits, fresh grated parmesan and a wedge of lemon.

  • $26
    Penne Florentine

    Boneless chicken & button mushrooms in a creamy spinach sauce, served on penne pasta.

  • $24
    Lasagne Casa

    Rich meat lasagne layered with a blend of three cheeses and served with a slice of garlic bread.

  • $24
    Pasta Purses

    Cheese Ravioli simmered in a creamy roast garlic white wine cream sauce.

  • $24
    Linguini Primavera

    Fresh seasonal vegetables in a tomato and cream sauce.

  • $24
    Fettuccine Alfredo

    Traditional fettuccine tossed in a rich garlicky cream sauce with parmesan cheese.

  • $24
    Linguini Arbietta

    Hot and spicy tomato and basil sauce tossed with linguine noodles.

  • $26
    Linguini 'el Grecco'

    Spanish onions, tomatoes, garlic and katamala olives tossed in an olive oil and basil pesto sauce. Topped with feta cheese.

  • $7
    Add Chicken

    Add chicken to any pasta dish.

  • $8
    Add Shrimp

    Add shrimp to any pasta dish.

  • $28
    Chicken Parmesan

    Lightly breaded boneless breast of chicken topped with marinara, parmesan and mozzarella. Served with spaghetti

  • $39
    Duck L'peche

    Honey roasted half duckling, finished with infused ginger peach sauce.

  • $28
    Thai One On

    Grilled boneless breast of chicken glazed with chilli and garlic Thai sauce.

  • $28
    Casa Honey Garlic Chicken

    Grilled supreme breast of chicken served with roast garlic white wine cream sauce.

  • $28
    Chicken Tetrazzini

    Sliced chicken breast with mushrooms and bell peppers, onion and tomato finished in a white wine cream sauce. Served over linguine.

  • $30
    Stuffed Chicken

    Ask your server about tonight's choice.

  • $28
    Veal Parmesan

    Lightly dusted scalloped veal topped with marinara, parmesan and melted mozzarella. served with spaghetti

  • $28
    Veal Gruyere

    Breaded veal cutlet topped with thin slices of tomato and Swiss, finished with a mushroom tarragon cream sauce.

  • $28
    Veal Cordon Bleu

    Scalloped veal topped with black forest ham and mozzarella. Finished with a cream sauce.

  • $28
    Veal Scaloppini

    Topped with sautéed mushroom, mozzarella and a red wine sauce.

  • $30
    Veal Neptune

    Lightly breaded escalope of veal topped with creamy seafood.

  • $29
    Veal Medallions

    Wrapped in bacon topped with blue cheese and mushrooms

** All entrées include fresh baked bread and garden salad with our famous raspberry vinaigrette dressing.
  • $46
    Filet Mignon 8oz

    Done to perfection, served with sautéed mushroom.

  • $39
    Classic New York

    12oz strip loin grilled to your specification.

  • $40
    Steak Au Poivre

    Black pepper encrusted 12 oz New York strip loin, served with the Chef's own 'Triple Pepper Sauce.'

  • $39
    Beef Medallions

    Grilled medallions of beef tenderloin, served with garlic mushroom Cabernet sauce.

  • $48
    French Rack Of Lamb

    Roasted rib chops, coated with triple fruit marmalade, encrusted with fine herbs and served with spicy maple bourbon.

  • $38
    Bouillabaisse Casa Bella

    Classical fish stew with a variety of fresh fish and shellfish.

  • $36
    Seafood Enchilada

    Black tiger shrimp, scallops and crab in a jalapeño and white wine garlic cream sauce rolled in a flour tortilla and topped with a shredded cheddar.

  • $32
    Shrimp Scampi

    Jumbo black tiger shrimp sautéed with garlic, white wine and served on a bed of linguine.

  • $32
    Salmon Al Forno

    Boneless fillet of Atlantic salmon oven baked and served with lemon and herbs.

  • $32
    Coconut Breaded Grouper With Shrimp

    Lightly dusted with coconut breading, baked in the oven with our famous Thai sauce and topped with shrimp

  • $18
    Add Lobster

    Add on a 4oz Cuban lobster tail to any entrée