Catering Menu

Casa Bella also offers catering services. Presented here are a number of menu suggestions which we hope will be helpful in planning your event. Different and/or more elaborate selections are available upon request. Charges for service staff and bar attendants are included in the price. All prices are subject to Ontario Sales Tax, GST and 18% gratuity. A guaranteed number of guests is required seven days prior to the date of the event. Upon booking, a deposit of $500.00 will be requested. This amount will be applied against the final billing and the balance will be due within seven days following the event.

Casa Bella will drop off, set up and pick up all trays, food warmers, cutlery and plates. Prices listed are per person. If you need a different menu, more choices or to book an event please contact us.
  • $6.95
    Assorted Sandwiches On Sliced Bread

    Ham & cheese, roast beef, egg salad etc. 1.5 sandwiches per person.

  • $8.95
    Grilled Chicken Breast / Ham On A Bun

    Served with sliced tomato and lettuce or baked ham and cheese pilled high with black forest ham and mozzarella cheese.

  • $10.95

    Homemade meat lasagna with garlic bread.

  • $13.95
    Chicken "forestiere"

    Boneless breast of chicken topped with ham and a red wine mushroom sauce with roasted potatoes and vegetables.

  • $2.50
    House Salad

    Salad with tomato and cucumber with choice of dressing.

  • $3.50
    Soup Of The Day

    Made fresh daily.

  • $3.50
    Caesar Salad

    Served with bacon bits, croutons, and parmesan cheese.

  • $2.50
    Assorted Pies And Squares

  • $1.25
    Assorted Pop, Water And Juice

  • $3.50
    Fruit & Vegetable Trays Each

From $15.00 per person, Appetizers $10.00 per person when ordered with an entree
  • Sauteed Shrimp In Spicy Thai Sauce

  • Rumaki

    Water Chestnuts wrapped in Bacon

  • Oysters Rockefeller

  • Beggars Purses Stuffed With Crab

  • Seafood Vol-au-vent

  • Bbq Duckling Breast

    Served with bing cherry sauce

  • Devilled Scallops

    Scallops wrapped in Bacon

  • Phyllos

    Feta & Spinich, Seafood, Brie & Apple and Curried Beef

  • Baby Quiche

  • Escargos In Mushroom Caps

  • Escargos In Vol-au-vent

  • Stuffed Mushroom Caps

  • Skewers

    Pork, Beef, Chicken, Shark and Shrimp

From $15.00 per person, Appetizers $10.00 per person when ordered with an entree.
  • Smoked Salmon On Pumpernickel

  • Gravlox

    Served with a Lemon Dill Sauce

  • Smoked Trout With Capers

  • Kiwi Clams With Curry Sauce

  • Oysters On The Half Shell

  • Pate Maison

  • Lobster Salad En Croute

  • Shrimp Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes

  • Shrimp Cocktail

  • Prosciutto With Melon

  • Spicy Chicken And Pineapple Skewers

  • Steak Tartare

  • Deviled Eggs With Caviar

  • Brie Cheese With Kiwi

  • Finger Sandwiches

$27.00 per person.
  • 1 - Hot Pasta Choice

  • 2 - Choice Of One:

    Roast Beef 'Au Jus', Stuffed Chicken Breast, Fresh Salmon Filet with Dill Sauce

  • Tossed Salad Greens

  • Rotini Salad Prima Vera

    (Spring Vegetables)

  • Basque Salad

    (Tomato Ontion Vinaigrette)

  • Fresh Seasonal Vegetable

  • Rosemary Oven-roasted Parisian Potatoes

  • Assorted Breads And Butter

  • Assortment Of Cakes And Pastries

  • Coffee And Tea

$39.00 per person.
  • 1 - Hot Pasta Choice

    Lasagna, Penne Pasta with meat sauce,
    Fetucinni Alfredo

  • 2 - Choice Of Two:

    Roast Beef 'Au Jus', Baked Ham, Salmon en Crute, Stuffed Chicken Breast

  • Mixed Greens With Raspberry Viniagrette Dressing

  • Caesar Salad

  • Tri Colour Rotini 'prima Vera'

  • Fresh Seasonal Vegetable

  • Rosemary Oven-roasted Parisian Potatoes

  • Assorted Breads And Butter

  • Assortment Of Cakes And Pastries

  • Coffee And Tea

Prices listed are per person.
  • $9.50
    Smoked Norwegian Salmon

    Served with capers and onions

  • $9.50

    Served with a dijon dill sauce

  • $9.50
    Louisiana Shrimp Cocktail

  • $8.50
    Pate Maison

  • $9.50
    Mussels Provencal

  • $10.50
    Oysters On The Half Shell (6)

  • $10.50
    Oysters Rockefeller (6)

  • $9.50
    Escargos In Mushroom Caps

  • $9.50
    Sauteed Shrimp In Garlic

  • $9.50
    Curried Shrimp En Crute

  • $12.50
    Pepper Duck Breast

    Served with a bing cherry sauce

Prices listed are per person.
  • $4.50
    Cream Of Asparagus

  • $4.50
    Leek And Potato

  • $6.50
    Lobster Bisque

  • $6.50
    Mixed Seafood Soup

  • $5.50

  • $5.50

Prices listed are per person.
  • $4.00
    Caesar Salad

  • $5.00
    Spinach Salad

    Served with a Warm Bacon Dressing

  • $5.00
    Boston Bib And Radichio Vinaigrette

  • $5.00
    Tomato Onion Gorgonzola Salad

All include: Assorted Breads and Butter, Tossed Salad Greens with Choice of Dressing, Fresh Seasonal Vegetables, Choice of Rice or Potato.
  • 37.00
    Choice Prime Rib Of Beef 'au Jus'

  • 37.00
    Herb Coated Strip Loin

  • 36.00
    Chateaubriand 'bouquetierre'

  • 37.00
    Beef Wellington

  • $38.00
    Rock Cornish Game Hen With Wild Rice

  • $38.00
    Roast Quails With A Wild Mushroom Sauce

  • $38.00
    Rack Of Lamb 'dijonaisse'

  • $33.00
    Stuffed Leg Of Lamb

  • $30.00
    Broiled Fillet Of Arctic Char 'hollandaise'

  • $30.00
    Seafood Skewers

    Lobster, Scallops, Shrimp and Tuna

  • $26.00
    Blackened Filet Of Fresh Atlantic Salmon With Shrimp

  • $38.00
    Cuban Lobster Tails (two 4oz Tails)

  • $38.00
    Surf And Turf 4oz Lobster Tail And A Filet 6oz

  • 26.00
    Brandied Apples And Brie Cheese

  • 26.00
    Peaches And Cream Cheese

  • 26.00
    Sun Dried Tomatoes And Pesto

  • 26.00
    Cordon Bleu Ham And Swiss Cheese

  • 30.00
    Roast Brome Lake Duckling A L'orange

Prices are per person.
  • Starting at $10
    Various Midnight Buffets